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What is a Cryptocurrency Bubble?

Cryptocurrency has been a trend in the last few years due to its incredible flexibility for investment. What once was disregarded as something that was only for nefarious purposes has transformed into an internationally recognized market, with some currencies (such as Bitcoin) even having physical ATMs.

However, these successes are far from any criticism — in fact, Jackson Palmer (creator of Dogecoin, a cryptocurrency) is one of the biggest voices strictly against the cryptocurrency trend. In a 2017 article with the New York Times, Palmer goes further into his concerns about how the trend is headed straight for being a cryptocurrency bubble.

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The Calm Before the Storm for Bitcoin

Surprisingly, bitcoin has been relatively stable in the past few months. For the last two months, Bitcoin has been traded in the narrow range of $6,000 — $6,800. While markets are typically unpredictable, Bitcoin appears to remain calm, for now anyway.

However, is this calmness just a prelude to a huge change? Is it the calm before the proverbial Bitcoin storm? Most people speculate for Bitcoin prices to skyrocket in the next few years. In previous periods of humble price swings and low volatility, this popular cryptocurrency surprised the market with a Bitcoin bull market.

Going Up — What Will Move Bitcoin Forward?

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